Kemafil Machine Modell 3602

For production of products of rope like technical cords and packing seals. Shroud of extremely different corematerials e.g. threads, linen threads, wires, foils, fleeces of all materials and combinations (likewise from glass wool, Aramide, carbon fibers, fiber volumes, pressure oil hoses, pipes, touch and flacke-shaped textile wastes)

Machine version:

  • rack: aluminum profile construction, modular expandable for concatenation with a winding mechanism
  • Kemafil head: Admission of the 4 grip arms, propelled by means of endless toothed belt over maintenance-poor totally enclosed mitre gears 
  • departure transmissins: 3 rolling departure with slip-free power transmission by means of purley thooth flat belt, angle gear motor with continuous speed controlling
  • device of thread leading organs: thread leader and equilizing roller are fasten on head-plate
  • switchgear cabinet: Potentiometer for number of revolutions and departure speed, tracer for inching operation


  • thread guard 
  • multi-functional announcement: pre-setable meter counter,  mesh density, revolution and capacity
  • synchronous adjustable goods departure
  • 8 Looper
  • horizontal execution with crawler-type vehicle departure
  • putting mechanism for reinforcement threads
  • cross and parallel winding-on equipment
  • gate for coils
  • foil cutting device
  • ring structure anuidance mechanism for recycling supply and processing

Technical Data:

  • rope diameter: 4 - 27 mm
  • no. of stitches: stepless up to 1500
  • mesh number/m: 25 - 500
  • capacity: ca. 25 m/min
  • machine weight.: ca. 300 kg
  • Machine dimension: 800 (L)x 850 (B) x 1400 (H)
  • gate dimensins:1500 (L) x 900 (B) x 2200 (H)
  • connected load: 380 / 400 V
  • Drive: 0,75 kW
  • Modifications reserved!