SL - more than sewing machines

The SL-Spezialnaehmaschinenbau Limbach GmbH & Co. KG is a mechanical engineering enterprise in Saxonia (Germany). We offer services in CNC Milling, - Throwing and Grinding, as well as sew-technological solutions, from industrial sewing machines up to complete system approaches.

We offer special sewing machines for technical textiles (for manufacturing, sewing and overedging) and shoe repair sewing machines. We also offer bag closing technology (bag closing machine and bag closing plants) for sealing bags with bulk cargo. The bag closing plants also include bag handling components (supply, change, close, label and stockpiling).
For manufacturing or covering of rope-like structures by the means of Kemafil® technology, system solutions with perpendicular and horizontal function design are projected and manufactured according to the customer's requirements.

Our History


At our location, industrial sewing machines have been manufactured since 1874. Up to the expropriation in the year 1946, the company was in the possession of the firm founder Mr. Julius Köhler’s family. In the years up to 1993, industrial sewing machines for the manufacturing of knitwear were predominantly developed and manufactured under the brand "TEXTIMA". With the privatisation and a new market situation, the product profile changed to the development and production of special sewing equipment for technical textiles as well as niche products, such as shoe repair- and coat manufacturing machines. The very precise individual parts, building groups and assemblies are manufactured up to 70% in our own production facility in adherence to the DIN EN ISO 9001.

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