Our firm holds a long tradition of produsing special sewing mashines. At our location, industrial sewing machines have been manufactured since 1874!

Our products range from special sewing machines for technical textiles, shoe repair sewing machines to bag closing technology. We also provide spare parts for sewing machines and carry sewing accessories, such as needles and yarn.

Special Sewing Mashines


Adler 30-70

schuhreparaturmaschine adler 30-70

The Adler Sewing Machine for repair work on heavy, strong leather materials.

Stitching on Labels

Adler Class 30-10

Etiketten aufnähen

Machine for stitching on labels on pockets in workwear, with programmable seam length, pneumatic foot ventilation and automatic needle raising and lowering

Bag Closing Plants

Sackverschliessanlage mit Band

SL-8962 (sewing direction: left)

SL-8963 (sewing direction: right)






Mini plant

With double chain stitch seam and pneumatic thread pusher


Modell 3602


KEMAFIL technology is a wrapping process for the production of cord and ropes. At the core of these "fabric hoses" is a filling that can be made from almost any material.

Special sewing systems

Double-headed sewing station for manufacturing roof ridge bands

special sewing system for roof ridge bands

Spare Parts

You can order any needed spare parts for our machines from us directly.

The following lists of spare parts can assist you in finding the right part(s):

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